November 16: Pre-game


Like any good professional with a deadline, I have to make sure I’m warmed up.

And, like any good double X-ed person out there, I tend to visit Pinterest with lots of good intentions.

For your reading pleasure, I give you:

Web-lebrities*, They’re Just Like Us!

(*Some liberties have been taking with considering myself a web-lebrity.)

I saw a pin and wanted to try it out. Maybe you’ve seen it? It’s the one about how to ice cookies really fast, with gorgeous results.

(You can see my Pinterest page and the board this pin is on HERE.)

I bought a bag of pre-done cookie mix yesterday. I didn’t concern myself too much with the guilt of not making these from scratch. After all, it was the frosting of the cookies I was practicing, not the baking.

After the kids went to bed, I mixed it all up, cut some cookies and threw them in the oven. That’s when I mixed up the icing from the recipe.

I think I mis-counted how many cups of powdered sugar I poured in, because my mixer now smells like a fire at a tire factory. It was just too thick. I added more water. And more water. And a little cream. A little more water.

Finally, I could pour my icing into my shallow dish. The instructions said to use a lollipop stick, secured by a rubber band. I improvised and used a small spatula and two rubber bands linked together. I was so happy I saved these from newspapers this week, you have no idea. Seriously. It’s a personal success.


I was going for red. After the third hunk of Red Wilton dye, I gave up. There is only so many artificial colors I'll let my family eat.

I was going for red. After the third hunk of Red Wilton dye, I gave up. There are only so many artificial colors I’ll let my family eat at once.

I then dipped my cookies.

Smothering sugar cookies to a delicious death.

Smothering sugar cookies to a delicious death.

And in the end, this is what I had:



Wait. Wait, what’s that under the tray of beautifully iced cookies?

::hangs head in shame::


Those are the cookies that died in battle. You see, some of my cookies were too soft to withstand the thick frosting. Some, like the snowflakes, had too many intricate parts and things broke off. And still, a few more were sacrificed under the “trial and error” category. That is, it took me a few tries to figure out how to hold a cookie the right way to get it frosted in this method.

After completing all of this and sitting down to my computer (thinking of all the snarky comments I could make about how maybe mere mortals like myself were better off with a knife or pastry bag), I re-read the instructions. Wait. That’s not right. Re-reading makes it sound like I read them fully to begin with. Yeah, notsomuch.

What it says in the instructions is basically what I learned the hard way: soft cookies don’t work well, thicker cookies hold up better, and this icing is like glue that you may need to water down.

Reading: it’s not for every one.


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