December 5: Frosted Rum Mounds


*Note: I forgot the official name of these and was about to write down “Rum Piles.”

In honor of the super awesome retro Christmas party I’m missing tonight (darn 1200 miles), I made a retro cookie from a retro book, given to me by my retro friend, Christina.


So classy!

Let’s travel back in time to 1960, where smoking is still chic and healthy, the outfits are classy, and the world spelled cookie as “cooky.”


It’s a pretty straight forward sugar cookie recipe. When it came time to flatten my balls (real mature, guys), I was out of my 1960 jelly jars, so I had to improvise.


Turned out pretty well in the oven, so I got started on the frosting. I had to go to my favorite part of the pantry.


You’re supposed to throw some nuts on top at the end, but I didn’t have any, so I used the flashiest, most carcinogen-laden sprinkles I could find. Because, if Mad Men taught me anything, it’s that the cancer doesn’t matter, as long as you look good. (I’m looking at you, Betty.)


(Also good to note: eh, not my favorite. Like many things from 1960, tastes have changed.)



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