It’s a whole new ballgame…


And I’m not just saying that because I grew up in Chicago and the Cubs won the World Series!


The kids and me a couple of years ago, back when I didn’t have self-bettering academic things to do in December.

I’m a 2nd year MFA student (that’s grad school, y’all), and had a particularly crazy fall semester. In addition to my own 12 hours of classes (was 15, but I dropped one class), I was teaching 2 sections of English 101, working in the library 10 hours a week, and am a mom of 3 kids…December is finals season, and try as I may, I just couldn’t muster up the ability to care about cookies come December 1.


I’m done. Grades are entered. I have my 4.0 for the semester. Kids are in school this week. Which means, I have nothing to do but bake!

Stay tuned for more cookie posts. Also, I just joined instagram as @24daysofcookies, so follow me and see what I can do (or complain about).

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