December 8, 2013: Chewy Ginger-Cardamom Cookies…the sequel!


Last year’s epic fail hurt me. The recipe was given to me by my childhood best friend Jeanne and her husband Mike. They are their favorites, I was told. Here! Make them.

And I burned them beyond all recognition. I walked away with my spatula between my legs.

Well, it’s another year, and Chewy Ginger-Cardamom cookies aren’t going to have ME to kick around any more.

The ingredients are pretentious, but I can slum them down. I wanted to show you my “organic cane sugar” in the form of my food-grade 5 gallon bucket of white Costco sugar, but I forgot to get a picture. Just like my Vietnamese cinnamon…directly from the dollar aisle at the local grocery store, the same place that you can register your dead deer after a day of hunting and buy pickled eggs.

But I still have my $12 bottle of cardamom from last year, and I’m going to use every part of it, even if I start to poop out chai.

I was bound and determined to follow the directions to the letter this time. Here I am massaging the orange zest into the sugars:

I stuck it all in the fridge for 24 hours, and this time, rolled them into much smaller balls than last year. The directions said “teaspoon-full” and I wasn’t taking any chances.
I only measured out one, then rolled it into a ball…just so I could see how big it was supposed to be. 
The directions said to have them placed 2 inches apart, and let me tell you, I looked for a ruler for nearly 10 minutes. Hand to God. (I couldn’t find one.) I plopped them on the cookie sheets, put them in the oven, and said a prayer to the patron saint of Chewy Ginger-Cardamom cookies.
Five minutes in, we were looking good.
And when the buzzer went off, a Christmas miracle was realized.
So much better than last year. Lest I remind you (parental discretion is advised):
That’s right, I conquered the Chewy Ginger-Cardamom cookie! I’m kicking ass and taking names! Suck it, pretentious ingredient list and smug burnt batter! I OWN you!
(And yes, they taste amazing. Or is it just the sweet taste of victory?)

Still too lazy to type in the recipe. Thanks for the scanned recipe, Jeanne and Mike!

Cookies today: 56
Cookies this year: 685

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