The Cookies are a Comin’

Here I am, before my cookie madness.

Well folks, it’s that of year again.

The 25 lb bag of flour is in the bucket. The sugar is waiting next to it. I have enough butter to kill Paula Deen. I’ve been compiling recipes and planning which to when and how to stream-line this whole operation.

One can’t help but notice that last year’s endeavors ended on the 10th. Well, that’s not entirely true. The blogging ended on the 10th. The cookie-baking lasted until the 24th. I missed one day due to the flu, but generally speaking, I did what I set out to do. Except for blog about it.

The fact of the matter is, after working all day, then preparing, baking, frosting, and putting away cookies, I was just too pooped to document it all. And that’s on top of normal Christmas stuff like shopping and wrapping, attending Christmas pageants, and one trip to the ER. (Hey, that’s normal for this family.)

What I hope (hope!) to do this year is get all my recipes together on the computer first, then plug them in where and when they belong. I will warn you: I may fail. I hope I don’t, and I will surely give it all I have to keep up. But I have a full-time job now (it was part-time last year), and a trip to NYC scheduled in December. It’s going to be close.

In the meantime, if you have any recipes of cookies
you have that are near and dear to your heart, please send them to me in a reply or in an email to

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