December 6: FAIL

My husband assured me that even though the look awful, they tasted pretty good. “Just a little…crunchy.”

Okay, so that wasn’t really the name of that cookie. The real name was Chewy Ginger-Cardamom Cookies. My friends Jeanne and Mike make them every year with rousing success.

I wasn’t as fortunate.

This post was going to be one where I made fun of the audacious directions and pretentious ingredient list. (Organic Cane Sugar? Vietnamese Cinnamon?) I even have a picture of me massaging the orange zest into the sugars.

“Massaging” the zest. I couldn’t get us an appointment with Sven for a Hot Stone, so this is what I resorted to.

The batter came out fine. I made it the night before, knowing it needed to chill and also that I had a monumentally busy day ahead of me. After I got the kids from school, I scooped out 12 portions and rolled them in sugar, then putting them in the oven for 8-10 minutes.

And then it happened: my epic cookie fail. I haven’t had a cookie fail since I was 8 and had trouble with fractions and didn’t know the difference between self-rising flour and all-purpose flour.

To start, I used my cookie scoop, which I thought was my problem. The recipe says to use teaspoon size balls…my scoop is probably more tablespoon-sized. And this is what happened:


Into the garbage it went. The next batch I used smaller balls, and it was okay. It was okay. It was all okay…until it wasn’t.

I tried one more time, and got the same result.

On the phone with Jeanne, she was shocked to learn what baking atrocities were transporting in my kitchen. These cookies are her and Mike’s favorite. But then she let me in on a little secret: you have to keep a close eye on them, because it can all go wrong quickly, and you have to take them out of the oven and let them sit for a while before you get them to a cooling rack.

With this new knowledge under my belt, I’m determined to try again. But not today.

Ingredients and Directions: (Yes, I’m that lazy today. Thanks to Mike for scanning it for me, and to Jeanne for emailing it to me.)

My Notes: All of the aforementioned things, and it despite my failure, it made my house smell awesome! Disgruntled Husband commented on that when he walked in the door.

(Oh, and this is posted late because we had a Christmas party last night, where I may or may not have enjoyed a couple of festive cocktails called “The Naughty Elf.” We were home by 9:30, I was asleep by 9:45.)

My Stats:

Cookies this batch: 18 were salvageable (and we’re using that term very loosely)
Total: 264