Gearing Up


It’s the calm before the storm right now.

Thanksgiving is this Thursday. We will eat turkey and hang out with questionable relatives, all in the name of holiday happiness. But we know that the real deal is next month, because the moment the clock hits 12:00 on Friday morning, it’s Christmas round the clock.

I love Christmas. It’s my favorite time of year. And it’s also when I fly my freak flag.

You see, every year at Christmas, I bake 24 different batches of cookies; one every day.

Yes, I’m nuts.

And it’s to the point now that it’s how people remember me. Not, “Oh, you’re [Disgruntled Husband]’s wife,” or “Weren’t you the newspaper reporter?” No, no. I get, “Hey, aren’t you the psycho that bakes a different batch of cookies every day in December until Christmas?”

Yes. Yes I am.

Last year, I tried to keep up on Facebook, but found it overwhelming. This year, I decided to take it to the blogs. And here you are. I expect to post a recipe, picture, and probably some anecdotes about the recipe I’ve made for each day in December.

A few FAQ’s I’ve had over the years:

-Do you make the same cookies every year?
Yes and no. I have my favorites, but I like to try new recipes too. Some are great and get worked into the rotation. Some are epic fails. Just ask JDub about my Earl Grey cookies from last year.

-What do you do with all of them?
I give out many as gifts…teacher presents, neighbors, friends, etc. Many get eaten at home, generally on the sly under the kitchen table by the school-aged population. And what’s left, I bring to my family get-together in Illinois.

-How much sugar/flour/eggs/sprinkles do you go through?
You know, I’ve never really kept track, but I’m going to try this year.

-You must really like to bake, huh?
I do like to bake, generally. I’ve always been good at kitchen stuff, learning from my mom. My first purchase with my first paycheck from my first job was a cookie cookbook. So yes, I do like to bake, but by Christmas I’m pretty sick of it. My yearly endeavor pretty much cures me until the next year.

-What’s your favorite?
I have a lot of favorites, but I’d have to say anything with caramel or lemon takes the cake…or cookie, in this case. I have been known to eat an entire container of lemon curd over the course of a week.

And just to make it interesting, I’ve been watching what I eat this year, resulting in a new body and love of shopping. I cut out sugar and flour, so that means I’ll be (hopefully) baking all these treats without being able to eat any! Cookie tester job applicants, line up at the door!

Stay tuned for my descent into Cookie Craziness.