December 14, 2013: French Pastry Cookies


Just touching these cookies makes my cholesterol go up.

It’s a really simple recipe, but it takes a little time. You have to make up the dough the night before, which I did in a sleep-deprived haze after work.

Into the fridge it went until I could properly deal with it.

After spending the evening in Chez Maytag, my dough was brought out and an egg white was whipped.

I mean really, it had it comin’.
Once I rolled out the dough (side note: rolling out dough that’s chilled for several hours in the fridge is quite the workout) and made it look like some sort of eastern European country, I was ready to rock.
I chose stars (why stars? Because I always make these into stars.). I cut them out and painted them with foamy egg white. 
(Also, know that this dough is a very elastic-y consistency. If you make these, you will notice that once cut, the rest of the dough will essentially run away from what you just cut. It’s kinda cool.)
Then you dip them, egg white-side down, into sugar. Please use sugar, not non perils or sprinkles or whatever they’re called. Sugar is the only thing that will stick to it. This is years of experience talking.
Put them on a cookie sheet and throw them into an oven until it smells like Paris.
Or whatever it is you think Paris smells like.
Make sure you also reward your good kitty for not jumping on the table while you’re making cookies. (Good kitty…because there is a bad one that does.)
When they are all finished, they should look something like this:
Use of Packers colored sugar is entirely optional, and in this case, purely coincidental.
French Pastry Cookies
(from Gooseberry Patch’s Old Fashioned Country Cookies)
1 small package cream cheese
1 stick of butter
1 c. flour
egg white
white or colored sugar
Leave cream cheese and butter out until soft. Knead with flour. Work into a ball and refrigerate overnight. Roll our dough to a 1/8” thickness and cut out with favorite cookie shape. Beat egg white until foamy. Brush cookie top with egg white and dip in sugar. Bake at 350 degrees until golden. Cookie tops will rise and be crispy. You can use colored sugar for a festive holiday cookie.

Cookies today: 18
Cookies this year: 761 and a batch of mints

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